Academic Writing Is...

A Guide to Writing in a University Context

Terri Morley-Warner

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Format: paperback
Edition: First published by CREA Publications. The current edition is based on the Association for Academic Language and Learning edition, published in 2009 and 2010.
120 pages
ISBN: 9781743320044

Publication: 05 Feb 2014

Publisher: Sydney University Press

Academic Writing Is … demystifies many of the practices of academic writing for students in an Australian university. This is an indispensable guide for any students undertaking university studies in Australia who want to develop their academic writing. Terri Morley-Warner’s book covers the major types of academic texts and guides students through carefully annotated examples. These are supported by a broad selection of strategies and easy-to-follow practical activities.


1. Understanding what is expected
2. Understanding your writing process
3. Writing the essay
4. Writing the report
5. Making it ‘sound’ academic: tone and style
6. Text types
7. Referencing
8. Proofreading

A final word

Format: paperback
Size: 250 × 176 × 7 mm
120 pages
5 b&w tables and 6 b&w illustrations
Copyright: © 2009
ISBN: 9781743320044
Publication: 05 Feb 2014